ReportPhish.ai is world’s first and only automated phishing page
                 scanning and enforcement platform

About Us

On average, according to the Anti Phishing Working Group (apwg.org), approximately 50,000 websites are compromised with phishing content EVERY MONTH ! It is estimated that 95% of ALL data breaches originate from activity associated with phishing or other scam websites. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) play an important role to identify and analyse millions of URLS every month to determine if they are malicious or safe. Anti Malware software, browser extensions and other addons provide an exceptional service to detect and categorise URLS as friend or foe. They are excellent at blocking and stopping potential abuse. Blocking a user from accessing a phishing website is part of the solution. Reportphish.ai is focussed on solving the cause of this issue – the removal of the phishing content from the website and assisting the website owners to remove any vulnerabilities. Reportphish.ai is the world’s first only automated phishing page scanning and enforcement platform.

“Our goal is to Keep the Internet Free of Phishing and other malicious websites”

How it works

Every hosting provider wants to provide fast, reliable and high-performance infrastructure. They also need to follow certain government mandated requirements that forbid for any customers to send spam emails, execute malicious software, display, store, distribute or otherwise make available any content or material that you are not authorized to, whether because prohibited by law such as copyrighted material, personally identifiable or protected confidential information and trade secrets.

The website owner is responsible to maintain the webpage with uptodate software.

Reportphish.ai reports malicious, phishing, scam URLs to the hosting provider and website owner.